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Formed in 1985, National Distribution Alliance - then The Multi-Unit Group - comprised six of the country's foremost foodservice distributors. These founding Members are still involved in National Distribution Alliance and have lent their distribution expertise over the years.

Today, National Distribution Alliance is a network of 17 multi-generational, locally owned and operated, broadline distributors. These distributors are dedicated to providing quality service and products when you need them most.

These fundamental characteristics allow National Distribution Alliance distributors to offer their customers a single source to satisfy their foodservice needs. They serve many segments, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Quick Serve
  • Education
  • Deli/Retail and more
Our philosophy is simple. Our goal is to provide unparalleled value to our Customers and Members. We are committed to quality service – from deliveries to corporate management, through a commitment to excellence from our employees to our technology systems.
As a Special Business Unit of UniPro Foodservice, National Distribution Alliance offers an array of programs that other National Providers offer, such as Centralized Data Management, Contract Compliance, Supplier Programs, and more.

National Distribution Alliance is comprised of 17 regional Distributors.

In addition, as a Special Business Unit of UniPro Foodservice, National Distribution Alliance has affiliate relationships with many foodservice distributors across the US, allowing further program participation.

There are many advantages to working with National Distribution Alliance, including:

  • We are privately owned
  • We have decision-makers on-site
  • We provide National Distribution coverage with regional partners
  • We stock your proprietary branded inventory in our warehouses
  • We are flexible and have less bureaucracy
  • We offer a dedicated Account Executive
  • We are concerned about your margins and profitability
  • We are committed to building and maintaining personal relationships

National Distribution Alliance provides consolidated data management that updates daily with Inventory, Point of Sales data and weekly Order Guides, which allows you to make decisions quickly. National Distribution Alliance data management system also provides customizable reporting, the ability to schedule automatic reports, run price audits on vendor contract pricing, review high-level KPI reporting, and more.

The Articles of Procedure govern National Distribution Alliance, and its Members operate under them. Your appointed National Distribution Alliance representative ensures all participants comply with your NDA.
No. National Distribution Alliance is not-for-profit and is supported by its Members. There is no cost to the Operator Customer.
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Providing National Distribution is our Speciality! Our strength lies in our 17 National Distribution Alliance Members, with the benefit of tapping into over 400 affiliate Members associated with UniPro Foodservice.
Our flexibility allows us to offer your preferred pricing structure and many other benefits.
We recognize your Brand needs to stand out from the competition and require proprietary items to service your guests. We desire to support your needs and will discuss them during the contract negotiation phase to satisfy all parties' requirements.
National contracts with manufacturers and manufacturer representatives will be honored.
National Distribution Alliance Distributors can integrate with many third-party systems.
In instances with multiple distributor partners, National Distribution Alliance will present your options and provide you with the information necessary to evaluate them.